Bar Ipro v9.1 for MT4 11XX

Bar Ipro v9.1 for MT4 11XX

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Bar iPro v9.1 – Best Forex Robot Trading is the latest update. It uses EUR/CHF, EUR/GBP, USD/CHF. Very high profit in real account 713% – 1,315%, Low DD 8.6% – 11.4%. Use Tickstory data with 99.9% accuracy.

★ New update for Bar iPro v9.1
___✔ Optimized risk management, low risk
___✔ Set new parameters for 2018
___✔ Add new trading signals for 2018
___✔ Change time zone: MT4_TIMEZONE = 2
___✔ Time trading: Automatic, no customization needed
___✔ Optimal profit, optimal trading time
___✔ It can trade well on: EUR/CHF, EUR/GBP, USD/CHF
___✔ Optimized code inside
Backtest: from Dec 11, 2017 to Jan 25, 2018
Fac_size = 1
Deposit: $100
Profit: $ 1,315 (1,315%)
Quality backtest: 99.9%
Max DD: 11.4%
Backtest: from Dec 11, 2017 to Jan 25, 2018
Fac_size = 1
Deposit: $100
Profit: $ 1,073 (1,073%)
Quality backtest: 99.9%
Max DD: 10.7%
Backtest: from Dec 11, 2017 to Jan 25, 2018
Fac_size = 1
Deposit: $100
Profit: $ 713 (713%)
Quality backtest: 99.9%
Max DD: 8.6%

►►►Key information EA:
★ Bar iPro trading method is very special, do not use Indicator, not Martingale, not Heged. Because, it late than current prices, not be exactly as we traded short.
★ Bar iPro can make a profit of 0% – 20% on the day. We can set the level of profits and risks based on trading volume.
★ The pair traded: EUR/CHF, EUR/GBP, USD/CHF. Because the fluctuation range of the small pair in a day, we are short trade (scalping) of day trading and and make money in the sideways market very easy.
★ Bar iPro has two modes to customize volume, 1 – fix lot, 2 – increased or decreased depending on the volatility of the current market.
★ Stop Loss and Take Profit are all hidden, to avoid impact from Brokers. Reduce risks when market volatility is too strong.
★ EA can trade on: AUD/NZD, AUD/CAD, … in the next version. Special customers are updated free of charge, if the customer has purchased the full version before.
★ Minimum deposit to secure for EA: $ 100 or less.
★ ……

Thank you very much, wish you happy and successful!
Please contact: ★★★ [email protected] to be the best support and get Best Forex Robot Trading 2018.

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