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International Coaching
with Barrington McIntosh
This course is primarily for those living in the U.S. who want to sell into other markets.

Selling internationally on Amazon is the next frontier that offers massive opportunity for FBA sellers. You can learn how to take advantage of this with coaching from one of the best — Barrington McIntosh.

Barrington lives in Jamaica and has pioneered strategies to create a successful international Amazon business. He recently offered a limited number of people the chance to go through a six-week program that covered what you need to know, including:

  • Why Amazon/FBA is great?
  • Why Amazon International?
  • Amazon international – Seller Centrals in other countries
  • Exporting abroad
  • Setting Up International FBA accounts
  • Sourcing Products
  • What categories, types of products work well?
  • Sending to International Fulfillment Centers
  • Outsourcing
  • Refunds, Returns, Feedback, and other issues.
  • Taxes international and at home on international sales.
  • Growing my international business
  • Marketing my international products
  • International Shipping Strategies
  • And much more…it’s the first ever and most comprehensive training of its kind.


— This training course originally sold for $700 —

What You Get

  • The six-week live-coaching course was captured as a video series & you get it all!
  • Access to the online community where there is ongoing discussion about going global



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Hi Barrington, I have been through your international coaching class and can confidently say that it is over and above and any other training currently out there for business owners looking to expand their Amazon business internationally. The real advantage your training has is that you are doing this yourself and experiencing the results so everything you teach is proven to work The insights and insider tips your offer to your students alone is worth the price of admission. Amazon is the leading online retailer in the US and has only recently started to expand operations in other countries like Canada and the UK. The time to take advantage as a third party seller in these countries is now and Barrington’s international course is the only step-by-step course I know of that would take you through the full process of getting set up in these countries from scratch. The information presented in this course is bleeding-edge. Thank you Barrington for sharing your knowledge with this course. Thanks.
I found Barrington’s International was not only delivered as promised, but he went above and beyond. The tutorials and webinars were clear and concise and jam packed with great information to help everyone succeed from the get go. Every question was thoroughly answered and I was most impressed with the individual help I was given when I was stuck on a task. Barrington took the time to Skype with me and walk me through the process. It felt good to have someone looking out for me and my business and now I feel very confident in the direction I am going. I am so happy I took his course, it was well worth the investment!
—Lesley Rich

This is a course for action takers! Barrington’s “nothing to it but to do it” coaching is perfect for those who dare to leap into the Amazon and ride its currents into new frontiers!
—Jason Tay

Taking the International Business Mentorship Program presented by Barrington McIntosh has been an extraordinary, enlightening, and challenging experience. The presentations are beautifully and logically organized, thoroughly all aspects of selling globally down to the finest details of daily business. Barrington is a positive, forward-thinking and motivating instructor, always encouraging you to think beyond the ideas you are already comfortable with to the next innovative step. Filled with excitement and enthusiasm about the possibilities your business can offer, he is also wonderfully practical and patient with each and every participant, guiding each person to get past their individual hurdles. He becomes a true mentor, with an honest desire to help you succeed and to guide you and push you until you do. If you are lucky enough to gain a spot in one of his programs, grab it immediately knowing you will always be grateful for all you have learned from this inspiring teacher. Thank you, Barrington, for the opportunity to become a part of your world.
—Karen Gantvoort

As a ‘newbie’ to the selling platform I had the honor to join the 1st ‘International Selling Mastermind’ group. After joining the PAC (Proven Amazon Course) only a month ago it was a great introduction and advanced course to the amazing world of selling online and indeed making a profit. No crap but real tools to not only set-up, but also grow your business: I learned about selling on the Amazon’s platforms from the USA/Canada and the UK and all associated aspects of this business. I learned how to leverage the existing systems in place (instead of re-inventing the wheel), how to do your online and/or offline (local) sourcing of inventory including dealing with wholesalers and how to check upon your competitors. I also learned how to think creatively, adding value to your products and by doing so outrunning your competitors, making it difficult for them to compete. I am doing this 100% online being located in South-America. This course transformed my mind from an amazon buyer to that of an international amazon seller. It was fun as much as it was a nice learning experience and all it requires is your dedication to take action and never sit back if you experience a bump in the road. It gave me the opportunity to meet a group of wonderful persons who are from all over the world with years (and lots of $$$$) in online selling experience. I prefer not to go through the initial ‘trial and error’ period but to take a shortcut to the road of success and that is why I did this course and will also use Barrington’s private coaching to cover other aspects of my business in the near future. Even the most experienced sellers are sometimes discouraged by the international waters with different requirements but once you have done this course you will be able to walk through with ease. I definitely recommend this course to anybody who wants to expand their business (newbie & seasoned sellers) because this will give your business worldwide exposure.
—Orlando Mahendrepersad — Paramaribo, Suriname (South-America)

Thanks, Barrington! Because of you I’m going global! I might have been able to get set up on and apply for VAT myself, but because of your class I saved myself lots of frustration and many hours of trying to navigate the process. You told me step by step what to do and it could not have been easier.
—Ryan Reger

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