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There’s Something Crazy Happening with SEO….
  • Have you noticed rankings are taking upwards of 6 months now?
  •    Have you heard SEO requires verified traffic, social signals, & reviews?
  • Have you ever ranked a client only to have them quit as soon as you hit page 1?
  • Have you noticed clients are becoming increasingly skeptical of SEO & are continually pestering you with questions about what you doing on their campaign?
  •  Have you noticed the best internet marketers are all using Facebook Ads?
  •  Have you tried running Facebook ads in the past with zero results?
You Don’t Need More SEO Training. It’s Endless. You Need A Complimenting Skillset. You Need Facebook Ads.
Why You Need to Master FB Ads:
  •  Easily up-sell your current local SEO clients $500-$2500/month to run Facebook Ads.
  •  Generate immediate traffic, sales, & leads for your clients (without Google guessing)
  • Generate traffic today; not 6 months from now when Google says.
  • Boost your SEO campaign with real social signals & traffic.
  •  Facebook ads are tangible. Your clients will leave you alone once they see them.
  •  SEO Campaigns with paid advertising last 2-3x longer than ones without.

Get FB ADS FOR SEO on Salaedu.com

Everything an SEO Needs To Run Killer Facebook Ads:
  •  6 Modules With 20+ Training Videos – So you can easily set up Facebook ads for your clients, systemize, & scale. ($2997 value)
  •  10+ FB AD Cheat Guides – Step by step guides to easily implement the video training. Perfect for VA’s to scale Facebook advertising. ($997 value)
  •  Experienced Mentor (Dino Gomez) – So you can rest assured the training will be simple to understand, unforgettable, & designed for fellow SEOs. ($997 value)
  •  Inside a $10,000/ Day Campaign – The winning ads & offer of a 1 day campaign that generated over $10,000 for a client. (They had a horrible checkout cart too) ($495 value)
  • SEOClient Acquisition Funnel (Bonus) – The secret to scaling & generating leads in mass on autopilot. Just plug in your content & niche & fire away. ($495 value)
  • Viral FB Ads Module (Bonus)  –  How to Make Your Ads Have the Viral Effect. Perfect for complimenting content marketing efforts while driving traffic, leads, & social authority. ($495 value)
  • Top 8 Ad Mistakes Module (Bonus)  – Why your ads are expensive, don’t convert, & receive no engagement. This alone will save you thousands on ad spend. ($995 value)
  • Private FB Ads for SEOs Facebook Group (Bonus) – Bonus funnels, Ad Examples targeting hacks, and a support group to answer your questions at any time. ($995 value) 
  • 1v1 Coaching Call with Dino Gomez (Bonus) 25 minute 1v1 coaching call with Dino Gomez to review your campaigns, ads, funnels, and hold you accountable for taking action & getting results. ($997 value) *First 25 Students ONLY!

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    We encourage you to check Content Proof carefully before paying.
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    If you have enough money and feel good. We encourage you to buy this product from the original Author to get full other “Excepted” contents from them.

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