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Chances are if you’re reading this it’s because at some point we’ve targeted you with ads and we’ve either now shown you an ad on Facebook picquing your interest to get you here or sent you an email because you’re on our list. This is by no accident.

You see Facebook does an excellent job of compiling a massive amount of data on all of us, and consequently, all of us are now shown ads on Facebook based on this data.

As Facebook advertisers, we tell Facebook who we want to show our ads to and they deliver them on demand, day and night, even while we sleep….It’s a beautiful thing! (keep reading, we’re going to show you exactly how we do it)

Hi Chris Blair here. Simply stated… I’m a Facebook EXPERT.

But we’re not like a lot of the “posers” you’ll come across. We’re REAL Facebook experts.

We live, breathe, and sleep it. We’re guys who talk the talk and walk the walk — we actually USE the same methods we TEACH.

Over the last year, we’ve each made six figures online utilizing Facebook to sell software, drive traffic to live training webinars, promote affiliate products, sell our own info products, sell teeshirts, build our list, and more.

We’ve even had three JVZoo product’s of the day all within the last 12 months!

And now for the first time ever we’re pulling back the curtain and revealing exactly how we do it, giving you an unprecedented behind the scenes look at the four pillars of our online marketing empire.

Right now you could be one of the lucky few who will get LIFETIME ACCESS to our brand new Master Level Marketing Training Platform.

Keep reading for more details…

With Access to the
Master Level Marketing
Premium Member’s Area,
You Are Going to Enjoy…

  • TrainingThe core of our member’s area consists of our video training tutorials.  These sections, divided into four main parts (detailed below), will be regularly updated and added to on a weekly and on-going basis.
  • ProductsAll of our (Chris Blair and Matt Stefanik) products, past and future will be added to the member’s area for you to enjoy.  You will not have to buy future products we release as they will automatically be added!
  • New Course ManagementWe have purchased brand new software and have it installed in the member’s area to be able to deliver our digital products in a much more systematic fashion, complete with progress bars and certificates of completion.
  • Case StudiesThis is where we put our money where are mouth is.  We’ll show you over the shoulder video case studies detailing exactly how we’re successfully applying the same information provided to you so you can see how we make it happen.
  • WebinarsAlmost every week, we’ll be hosting a private member’s-only training webinar where we’ll  be delivering pure content and taking live audience questions to help you where you need it the most.  Nothing sold here folks, just perks of being a member!
  • Bonus ContentYou get access to bonus content such as free software, professional graphics you can use in your business, free ebooks you can give away to generate leads, full done-for-you products you can sell and keep 100% of the profit, guest training courses, and much, much, more!
  • Premium Blog ContentDid we mention the public side of Master Level Marketing is our blog?  We’ll be publishing blog content regularly, some of which will be restricted member’s-only stuff, which you will of course be able to access.
  • Private Facebook GroupAs a premium member, you’ll get access to our private Facebook group where you can ask questions, post results, network with others, announce your product launches, and so on…This is our exclusive community of like-minded marketers all working together to help each other succeed.
  • SupportWe’ve hired a full-time dedicated support staff to help you with any support issues you may have.  Can’t access your account, things acting weird in the member’s area, can’t find what you’re looking for?…our support staff is there to assist you as promptly as possible.

Our main areas of focus include:

  • Facebook MarketingLet’s face it, Facebook is an ever-evolving platform.  As a marketer, you MUST stay current on what’s working now.  Inside, you will learn all things Facebook marketing including general news feed advertising, news feed vs. side bar ads, bidding strategies, CPM, CPC, & Optimized CPM, Graph Search, promoted posts vs. “clicks to website” ads, fan page tabs, third party tools, copy writing advice, image selection, lead flow, congruency, dark posts, social engagement, video ads, page post structure, boosted posts, ads manager and the power editor, customer audiences, lead extraction, targeting, getting likes, generating leads, making money with affiliate products, and much, much more…
  • Teeshirt SellingSelling teeshirts via third party sites such as Teespring is very popular right now, if you haven’t noticed.  Several of our friends are doing $100k+ per month!  Because of such extreme results many marketers are jumping on the band wagon.  Unfortunately, not everyone is making money with it yet (and it even took us several failed campaigns to finally get it right).  In this training section, we’ll show you what we have learned from multiple courses, private coaching, secret FB groups, and our own experience and how you can apply it too to your business to start supplementing your income with niche teeshirt sales.  Once you know how, it’s almost embarrassing how easy it is and dang is it FUN!
  • Internet MarketingInternet marketing training covers everything outside of FB.  We’ll show you everything from basic autoresponder setup – how to create a new account, a new list, list setup, creating opt-in forms, list automation, how to write emails for IM, sequencing your follow-ups, etc. – sales funnels, landing pages, video squeeze pages, using vimeo to stream your content, third-party tools and services we use in our business such as GoToWebinar, Piradi, Animoto, Shortstack, and more, and everything else outside of FB marketing we’re doing to run our business. *NEW & COMING SOON* How to create a membership site for monthly continuity.  Residual monthly income is the Holy Grail of our industry and we’re going to show you how we’ve set up Master Level Marketing to be a $1m/year business.
  • Product DevelopmentThe next logical step from affiliate marketing (promoting other people’s products and services) is to develop and sell your own products.  In this training section, we’ll discuss how you too can quickly and easily create your own digital products – whether ebooks, video training, software, or any other form of digital info-prodcut – how to deliver them securely online, and the tools, platforms, resources, processes, and strategies we use to sell our own products. There are many different third-party tools/services, strategies, and philosophies you can implement to accomplish. We’ll show you how we do it and why, as well as various alternatives.

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